Inspiring article: 22 Amazing Inventions That Help Saving Our Planet

Inspiring article: 22 Amazing Inventions That Help Saving Our Planet


Dear ‘Meneer Soemo’ posted this amazing video about companies that found ways to turn trash into everyday items yet again! And do you know the company ‘4Ocean’? They collect plastic from the sea and turn it into these bracelets. By buying one, you fund there operation, so it’s a win-win! You can go to for more information. This is by the way not sponsored, I am just a big fan of these ideas!

Related articles of mine are Be the change you want to see in an environmental friendly world or Small change is also change: 7 easy steps to help the environment, where I try helping you help the planet! Here, you can also read about other companies that also try to help along, like ‘Ecosia‘, the tree-planting search engine!

Every 2 hours, we throw away enough trash to fill up the largest container ship in the world. Thankfully, people are now setting all kinds of eco-friendly trends, and companies are coming up with green technologies that let consumers live a low-waste yet equally comfortable lifestyle. Here are some of the best examples!

via 22 Amazing Inventions That Help Saving Our Planet — meneer Soemo

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Diving Zenobia
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