Holiday gift ideas

Holiday gift ideas

Getting everyone gifts can be a daunting process, especially when you’re shopping for people that already have everything or when you don’t have much time or money for a big shopping spree. However, it’s often the thought that counts, so here are some holiday gift ideas that I prefer to use when giving gifts.This is not so much a gift guide with products, as it’s meant to be an amazing gift-giver all year around.

It’s all about framing

Is a packet of hot chocolate spoons a super exciting gift to get? In my opinion, on its own, no. However, if you present it as part of a theme, it’s super cute. For instance, you can make a winter warming set with warm socks, hot chocolate mix and a warming face mask. Or you could make a food themed box with hot chocolate mixes, interesting popcorn variations and other snacks the other person loves. It’s simple and cheap, but it shows the other person that you know their interests. On top, giving something like this gives an experience as well, which is often way better than giving a thing. Especially around Christmas, you could also make your own advent calendar for your loved one with things they love or even just notes mentioning the things you love about them in every door.

Show them you know them

I’ll admit this one isn’t easy, but a gift is always best if it shows you know the other person. For instance, one of the best gifts I ever got was from 2 male friends of mine that gave me a cinnamon scented candle that crackles when lit up. Not that a candle is a bad gift, I love candles, but I love foodie scents and gimmicky stuff even more, so this was such an unexpected surprise. It showed that they paid attention to things that excite me.

You can also do this by giving something that defines your relationship. For instance, I have a friend that I often drink gin and tonic’s with, so when I had to get her something, I decided that a nice bottle of her favourite gin and some gin glasses would be nice. This way, she can also make them at home. This isn’t incredibly personal to her, but it is to the relationship we have.

Enjoy the experience

Gift giving is the perfect way to get closer to someone you love and a good way to do this, is to experience together. Therefore, as mentioned before in this advent calendar post, giving someone an experience can be the perfect present. This is, because experiences tend to give more happiness than materials do. Give them a night out, a fancy, home-cooked dinner or go on a weekend together. You’ll not only work on your relationship by giving the present, but also by the activity!

Make it practical

Yes, it’s amazing to get very fancy stuff, but sometimes the practical stuff make more sense, especially when it’s an upgraded version of what you’d normally buy. For instance, if I would get myself a set of steak knives, I’d go for a cheap option. Therefore, a more fancy set would be a great gift for me, since I’ll actually get much use out of them. So, find out what they still need or what things they use a lot and get them an upgraded version.

In the end, gifting all about paying attention to your loved one. What do they love, what are they struggling with and what can you do to make their lives better and easier. For me, the holidays are all about coming together and spending time with my loved ones and giving them gifts is a way to show them how much they mean to me. I hope these little holiday gift ideas will help you to show that to your loved ones as well!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite tactics are to buy incredible gifts. And, if you’d like to see more, please follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter or subscribe and get a free e-book on saving money. And who doesn’t need that this time of the year?

Lots of love,


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Her Digital Coffee
2 years ago

Beautifully said Lisa! Framing and showing you know someone though a gift is so special. It’s completely about the experience and not about just spending money on any item. I’m happy I came across this post because I’m currently thinking of gift ideas for birthdays coming up this month! Thank you for sharing!

Kelly Diane
2 years ago

I agree, giving practical gifts is a lovely suggestion.

2 years ago

You are right that a well chosen present can show how well you know somebody.

Sophia Patel
2 years ago

I love this post so much! Listening to a throwaway comment and buying something can mean so much, and is what I strive for. Great post!

Dating Bitch
2 years ago

I love the idea of getting something small like hot chocolate as part of a cute themed gift. That’s a great idea.

2 years ago

I love these ideas and completely agree it’s all about framing! I love creating baking gift sets and snuggly hampers as it shows you know a person better than getting a pre-packaged giftset where they may not even use all the items! Thanks for sharing, Em x

2 years ago

Great post! I think presentation is definitely an important part of gift giving. I’m hoping to get better at that this year.

Molly @ Transatlantic Notes

So many good ideas here — thank you! It can be kind of overwhelming sometimes to think of the right gift to give someone so this has helped a lot!

Confessions of a Feminist, photographer, Graphic Designer and a Fashion Enthusiast

Thanks for these tips! Such great ideas.

2 years ago

Yes you need to show a loved one that you know them with your present choice. Good points!