Inspirational people

Inspirational people

Sometimes, you meet people that inspire you. They inspire you to be better, to do better to achieve more. Today, I want to tell you about some amazing people I’ve met throughout my life and that have inspired me, so they might inspire you as well through the stories of their lives. I won’t mention the (real) names of these inspirational people mentioned for their privacy, except for famous people.

The tour guide

I’ll start with a man I met on a holiday I took with my parents. We went to South-Africa when I was 13 years old. The man I’m talking about was our tour guide throughout the entire trip. Every day, when the day was done, he’d read us a South African love poem. He also ran an orphanage through a trust and if travellers like us wanted to help, we’d get the supplies there if necessary. He also took fruits and money to poor families on our trip. This is inspiring in itself, but that wasn’t the entire story.

As you might know, there’s still a lot of racism in South-Africa and he was no exception. He said so many racist things that my innocent, 13 years old ears were shocked. However, the families he helped had all skin colours, he made no exception. This taught me so much about the nature of racism. You can be racist in a broad sense, but still treat individuals fairly. Although it’s still not a good thing, it’s a first step towards fair treatment. It made me understand racism better, from how it arises to how it can possibly be resolved in some way.

In addition, he showed me what strength looks like. Half-way through the trip, we learned the man had cancer. He even was rushed to the hospital one evening, where he got some medications to keep him up and running. The next day, he acted like nothing ever happened and worked the entire day. I still can’t believe how he got through the day like that. Whenever i feel tired or ‘not fit’ I try to think back about the level of dedication he had for the job and it inspires me still.

A good neighbour

The other person I wanted to talk about was someone very dear to me. He was my neighbour. We, my family and me, barely knew him until he got cancer. We started bringing him and his wife dinner multiple nights a week and helping them whenever we could. That’s when I got to know him. He was the kind of person that could transport you with his wild stories and even wilder plans. The kind of person that would always tell you what was on his mind, good and bad.

He was always really worried I was too vulnerable for the opinions of others and therefore, helped me to be more resilient and independent. Thanks to him, I learned to believe in myself, to fight for my ideas and ideals. He loved life and in my darkest hour, he taught me to see the pretty things in life as well. He helped my mom to pick out a camera and photography is one of the most important remedies I have. I still owe him for this to this day. He helped me see that life always has a silver lining.

Nelson Mandela

Although there are many people in the history of the world who’ve done great things, I find Nelson Mandela one of the most inspiring people that have ever lived. I never knew much about South Africa before, except for a general idea about ‘Apartheid’. However, when I dove into his story, I found something remarkable.

I see myself as an overall nice person. I will forgive people for a lot of things, maybe even too much. However, when a certain line is crossed, i’m done. And when you hurt the people I love, I turn vengeful. It’s definitely not my prettiest quality, but I can’t deny it’s there. That’s why I find the story of Nelson Mandela so inspiring. His people were tormented for years, treated like less than human beings, simply because of the colour of their skin. Although I agree that vengeance would be wrong, I almost can’t imagine not wanting to hurt back the people that hurt you, especially the people that imprisoned him. I do understand that also he did things that aren’t so admirable (that’s what happens in revolutions), but I think that in general, he chose the honest and rightful path. It’s good to hear a story every once in a while where power didn’t corrupt for once.

Stephen Fry

In my eyes, the people of 1500 had Leonardo da Vinci and we have Stephen Fry. He knows history, humour, mental health and much more. However, I especially respect his way of debating. When you’re as knowledgable as he is, I think it’s really easy to become arrogant, especially when debating with people less learned. However, Stephen Fry has a wonderful way of phrasing his arguments in a way that doesn’t offend people with different opinions. Although I see pretty much eye to eye with him on most topics, I find the open way of communicating his ideas beautiful. Instead of trying to prove opponents wrong or shaming them, he always tries to find some middle ground.

I also believe that he has helped many people in their struggle with mental health issues. Personally, I find it comforting to know that someone that knowledgable and well-spoken can also struggle with these things and that he finds ways to overcome them. Although I wish he didn’t have these problems for his own sake, I think having someone like him as a mental health advocate is a great help for others.

What they’ve got in common

All different people, all different stories. But what are the commonalities? What makes these people so impactful? I think it’s their characters. All had/have very strong personalities and they did/do everything they could to achieve their goals, without actually harming others in the process. They fight for what they believe in, without taking their frustrations out on people that don’t deserve it.

So take that with you the next time you want to get through to people. You have to fight for the things you believe in and that isn’t always nice or easy, but you won’t get it any other way. However, you should not do everything it takes, you shouldn’t drag others down for your happiness. Sure, nice girls won’t get the corner office, but bitches won’t truly be remembered. There’s a way in between those options.

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36 Comments on “Inspirational people

  1. Lovely post and some very inspiring people. And I especially like your point about, “nice girls won’t get the corner office, but bitches won’t truly be remembered” that really resonated with me!

  2. Such a beautiful post. I’ve had so many inspirational people come into my life. I’d love to sit down and write about them, especially because a lot of them are just normal people like you and me.

    • Thank you! It was so much fun to describe them and their stories! I can really recommend it!

  3. Thanks for sharing these anecdotes! Truly inspirational indeed, and I especially loved the first two about non-famous people. They show us that anyone can be an inspiration!

    • I think so as well, it’s great when you meet people that surprise you this way!

  4. Wow, what an inspiring post! Some of the individuals you didn’t name sounded like truly good souls, and powerhouses! Meeting someone that for real must have been extraordinary. Just reading these stories has inspired me, thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, I’m glad to hear it inspired you! And powerhouse is the perfect word actually, there really are haha. They’ve changed my life and way I look at the world

    • Thank you! It’s really fun reminiscing like that as well 😊

    • Thank you so much 😊 I hope you can find inspiration frontside stories as well!

  5. I’ve always had this feeling when you are inspired by someone you can go on to complete your goals. I mean personally if they can do it then we can do it! Believe and achieve. 😁

    • I totally agree! They give you hope that anything is possible 😁

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post. There is something so motivating about reading how others inspire you and making me want to be that type of person to inspire too.

  7. A great post! Looking back, it’s always the people who you don’t really expect to leave a mark on you. I have some people who I’ve only had single interactions with that inspire me! xo

    • It’s weird how that works isn’t it? Suddenly you look differently at life after just one conversation.

    • Thank you! Everyone we meet probably changes your way of thinking in a way, so it makes sense that family and friends do that the most!

  8. I loved this post from you! How you tied everything up at the end with a overall comparison of character was brilliant.
    I’ve found much inspiration from other bloggers in the sense of appreciating like minded people as it has been hard to find creative souls like yourself in my real life.

    • Thank you so much, those are some beautiful compliments! Other bloggers inspire me so much as well. I don’t know much bloggers in my ‘real’ life but I’ve met so many wonderful people this year online! I hope we can continue to inspire each other this way as well.

  9. I really love this post Lisa! It sounds like you’ve had some really great people in your life. I think you made a great point about the tour guide who you said was racist overall but treated individual people fairly. That’s a really interesting concept. There’s someone in my life who is a lot like this. It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around. I think he’s a good person, but I really don’t agree with some of his beliefs sometimes. Thank you, for this, I really enjoyed it!

    • Thank you so much! I have met some amazing people and I am so grateful to have met them. It’s really difficult to find things like this out about people when it’s so much different from what you believe, but in the end actions speak the loudest in many cases.

    • Yeah it’s amazing to meet people like this. I hope you’ll find them!

  10. The tour guide sounds like a wonderful and wise person! I love that you took time to mention and appreciate inspirational people around you. I hope they get surrounded with even more people so they can attract positivity as many as they can! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thank you! He is a really special person to me and I hope he’ll be able to inspire many more people this way.

  11. This is such a cute idea! And love how you have everyone from celebrities to someone you met once! I think it’s important to remember when and why people had such an impact on you!

    Katie |

    • Thank you! I wanted to celebrate some people in the spirit of the Holiday 😊

  12. It is so important and good to remember all the inspirational people you meet! Love this post!

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