My favourite work from home look

My favourite work from home look

From sweatpants to the usual work outfits, we all dress differently when we’re working from home. Normal outfits are supposed to boost your productivity and look better in video calls, but sweatpants and fuzzy socks are just so much more comfortable! Here’s what my preferred work from home look is and why!

The work from home clothes

The obvious first thing to dive into is of course clothing. As I mentioned, there are perks and cons to both casual and fancier wear. Because I get to go to the office once a week and one of my colleagues also works at my home once a week, I have 2 days that are somewhat fancier in terms of clothing. However, on the other 3 days, I prefer to dress more casual. Staying in my pyjama’s really affects how I work, so I don’t do that, but I usually get out some halfway decent sweatpants and a comfortable sweater that I would also wear outside on weekends (or a t-shirt when the weather gets warmer). With this work from home look, I feel comfortable, but I am ready for a Zoom meeting when necessary.

The video call hair

Since the hairdressers have been closed for a while now and I don’t know anyone who I dare to let touch my hair, my hair is pretty long. This is super annoying, since it often falls in front of my face. therefore, I had to find ways to tame my hair. However, when my hair is in a ponytail, I tend to look kind of bald on camera. When I do put my hair in a ponytail, I thus release some of the strands to make it look somewhat better, but it’s not the best looking. The same often goes for a bun. So lately, I’ve found a new solution, which is using my hairbands! When I’m off screen and alone, I just push all the hair to the back with a hairband and I have no issues with it however! Then, when I need to go to my Teams meeting, I lift it up so my pony and some strands in the front go to their natural place, and I place the hairband back again. It looks way more styled than wearing my hair loose and it’s making me look less bald than having my hair up. It’s the perfect solution!

The lockdown skin

When I work from home, I don’t wear make-up, but I do try to keep up with my skincare. I start with washing my face with a hydrating cleaner. Since my skin is dry due to the weather and heating in my home, I use very hydrating products now. I follow it up with a hydrating toner and then, I use a creamy moisturiser. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might know that I generally prefer gel moisturisers, because they look better under make-up. Since I have a combined skin, I don’t need super much moisture. However, since I’m not wearing make-up anyways and my skin is really dry, I prefer a thicker consistency. I do forget my skincare sometimes (confession!), because my normal routine is pretty upside down due to the pandemic. So, on days where I do remember to do it, some extra love isn’t all that bad. You can find more on my skincare routine here!


The quarantined hands and feet

A part of skincare that’s often forgotten is the hands and feet, but they especially need care now! With all the disinfectant and the cold weather, your hands can dry out really easily. Having a nice hand cream with you on your desk is therefore almost a must. But in terms of looks, the feet are actually what I want to focus on more. When you’re at work, you normally wear shoes that keep your feet warm, but at home, we generally don’t. However, by not wearing shoes, we can lose a lot of warmth through our feet on the cold floor. That’s why I’ve invested in some nice, warm slippers and a few pairs of fuzzy socks to keep me warm! And if you want to keep your hands warm, a cup of tea or coffee is always the perfect option.

The home office itself

When Skyping with your colleagues, you might also want to have a good environment. Although in most video call programs you can change your background, I prefer a real one, since the head tends to disappear in fake ones. I personally prefer a white wall or my Kallax closet with all kinds of decorative trinkets in it. It’s relatively neutral, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning everything up before every call. In addition, I prefer it for my laptop to be on a stand, so it’s on face height and I don’t have to look down, since that’s less flattering and bad for my neck. I also like to be sideways to a window, so I don’t get blinded, but it also doesn’t blind the person I’m video calling. This is all something to think about when setting up/improving your home office or work space. Here are some more tips on creating a good home office.

I hope you gave enjoyed reading this post. Please let me know what your favourite work from home look is in the comments below! For a regular dose of Mind and Body Intertwined, please subscribe and get a free e-book on saving money. You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, so you’ll never have to miss a new post.

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3 years ago

I don’t wear make up as I don’t have the patients! Since the lockdown, I have taken more time on my skin though and have tried to stop the breakouts. I love fluffy jumpers and loose jeans which I never really wore before. For me, i have to feel dressed otherwise I feel groggy. Thanks for sharing!

Em x

Kelly Diane
3 years ago

I love this. I haven’t worked from home but can definitely say I’ve lived in jogging bottoms.

3 years ago

Love this! I also have two days a week where I go out and I really like wearing fancier outfits for those days! As for working at home, I also like wearing comfy clothes and a simple hairstyle!

Alice Myles
3 years ago

Love this post! I think we’ve all perfected the work from home look by now! I can never be bothered to do my makeup these days either unless I’ve got a fancy video conference!

Love and Literature
3 years ago

Love this post! Hehe I understand the pain of looking bald with a ponytail, it’s the new struggle with Zoom! I try the messy bun look and hope that it doesn’t fall down mid-chat 😛 x

3 years ago

Working from home and doing online meetings can be really hard. When I worked from home, we had very few meetings and it was just work work work. So it wasn’t a big deal. Now I’m on a medical leave, and a lot of appointments are online but I don’t worry too much about those though sometimes finding a quiet spot is a problem. I would hate to have to constantly be in an online meeting, I found them odd. But maybe that was because it was till early in the pandemic.

Allison |

Love the video call hair idea! I hate how I look on video with my hair pulled up, but I also can’t be bothered styling my hair when I’m just staying at home!

Meredith Dent
3 years ago

This is such a great post! I feel that so much with zoom hair. I can’t just throw my hair up in a ponytail when I’m having a bad hair day anymore, it just looks so weird on camera! But I love all the ideas you shared ❤️

3 years ago

I’ve been living in comfy sweats and pjs! Great tips!

3 years ago

My PJs are my go to in lockdown. I work outside the house too but when I work from home it’s gym gear or PJs.