Tips for when you are working from home

Working from home can be quite a challenge. You can get distracted, your chair just isn’t as comfortable as it is at a normal desk and how do you communicate with colleagues and clients? Here are some tips that might help!

1. Create a designated work area

The first important thing is do designate a special place from where you can work. Have all your papers, cables and laptop ready to go, instead of having to search everywhere all the time. You should also make sure to have a comfortable chair there and that it is organised. I personally love using organisers for magazines, since the closed walls make sure nothing falls out and it looks more neat then wired ones.

2. Light and air

Make sure your workspace has enough light (preferably natural lighting) and fresh air. These things are vital for optimal concentration and general health. Since you will work there about 8 hours a day, this might make a huge impact on your body and brain. For more tips on how to clean the air in your home, click here!

3. Take breaks

Just like at the office, breaks are important. Therefore you need to make sure you plan some time off in your day. In doing this, you should also try to physically move away from your working area, preferably outside. This way, you can move (which is good for concentration) and wind down for a second. If you see those e-mails coming in, work will still be on your mind.

4. Eat like you normally would

It is very tempting to get that bag of crisps whilst working, but you also wouldn’t normally. In addition, you probably move a little less, since you don’t have to travel to work, so you are also less likely to burn off those extra calories. Sugar is also not good for concentration, so it also won’t help your work.

5. Call your colleagues and clients

Even if you can’t have social contact in person, you should try to make the way of communicating as ‘natural as as possible. Try to set up a Skype meeting or give them a call, even if it is for something smaller. It will isolate you less and this way, you can also help other to stay alert.

6. Plan ahead

I already mentioned it a little, but planning is key. Divide your time purposefully and similar to how you would normally. Half an hour before starting, I’d like to take a 10 minute walk. Then I start, take a break and quit on the same times I would normally.

At my work, we usually take one long break of 1 hour. However, to make up for my diminished concentration I now only take half an hour and spread out the other half throughout the day. However, I still take one hour per day (although working through my break seems more attractive).

7. Less coffee might help

Although coffee is good for concentration and overall happiness, it can make you anxious when you are not able to use that extra energy. Therefore, you might feel a little shaky, restless or chaotic and if that’s the case, switching to water or tea might just be what the doctor ordered. I especially prefer tea, since green tea still gives me a little bit of caffeine, but not as much.

I hope these tips can help you to be your best self, even when you are working from home! What are your tips to help you stay focused when working at a home office?

Lots of love,


Ps. I have put a couple of affiliate links in this article. This means that I earn a small commission if you buy something. This way, I can keep this blog going. However, if you don’t want to buy from my link, don’t feel pressured to do so!

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