Clean the air in your home

Clean the air in your home

I think you might agree with me that breathing is pretty important. But, especially when you’re locked in at home all day, you might start to feel a little more tired, slow and even a little nauseous, which can deter you from going outside. However, a common cause for this is the lack of clean, fresh air. Here are some things you can do to clean the air in your home, so it won’t feel so stuffy anymore and you’ll be much healthier.

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Open multiple windows

Although opening one window can help bring in some fresh air, putting many open can help even better. This way, an air flow is created which will not only bring in fresh air, but also push the stuffy air out. With that, bacteria in the air will also disappear.

House plants

Many plants can clean the air. Through the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is turned into oxygen. This means a lot of toxicity in the air can be filtered out by having house plants. In addition, some plants are also able to kill germs, remove other airborne toxins and decrease the amount of dust. Want to know which plants have found to be effective? Look here! My favourites are the Ficus Benjamina and the Snake plant. I’d recommend buying your plant from PLNTS. This beautiful company not only sells great houseplants, but they also grow them in a sustainable way. Therefore, you can not only get fresh air, you also help the planet! To be honest, I could write forever about plants, as I have about 35 plants in my apartment, but here’s a post from Happy DIY Home that gives a perfect plant list already!

Clean the air with a ficus benjamina

Essential oils and beeswax candles

Some oils have been known to be very effective in the fight against germs and bacteria. I personally love using eucalyptus oils, but tea tree works as well. One other benefits is that many animals don’t appreciate the scent of these oils as well, so they also work to fight insects, mice and dust mites. The only downside of this is that your pets maybe won’t like it, due to their strong smell. So, you should just diffuse it far away from the animals (high up a closet or in rooms where the animals won’t com) or when they are away from home.

Beeswax candles can also help in cleaning the air. They ionise the air and neutralise toxic compounds and other contaminants. Other candles can however make the air less pure, since they can bring (amongst others) benzene in the air. Therefore, those candles are not recommended and you should really look for the beeswax type.

Remove dust

Very obvious, your vacuum cleaner is your best friend for keeping your house fresh. By regularly removing the dust, it won’t get into the air as much. However, it can help to mop the floor before. Wet dust won’t move into the air as easy, so it’s easier to vacuum effectively. Otherwise, you’ll be sneezing a lot after vacuuming each time. Pets can also be a huge source of dust in the air, so keeping your pets groomed properly is an essential part in decreasing the amounts of dust. Also, make sure that if you use bedding (for rodents), it’s not dusty and if possible hypo-allergenic, like the back-2-nature bedding.

Airing out your furniture is also a very important aspect in this, so before you vacuum, fluff out your pillows and blankets and hit your fabric furniture a few times to get the dust out of the couch. This is often forgotten, but it can have a huge effect!

Clean the air by cleaning your home

Keeping it clean

Even though it doesn’t look like it affects the air, surfaces can have an impact on the purity of the air in your house. So, you should not only remove the dust, but also use good cleaners. Many cleaners are however toxic, especially when you clean often, so you should look for a more natural solution, like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice. Laundry detergent can also bring in toxins, so make sure you either use a natural detergent or you air dry your clothes outside of the house.

And if you need a place to start: start in your bathroom. Wet places tend to stimulate mold and they can really impact the purity of the air you breath. It can make you seriously sick and thus, it’s important to regularly remove any mold in your home. These cleaning supplies are often toxic, so remember to open a window whilst cleaning.

How about air conditioners?

Air conditioners can be very good for the circulation in your home, just like opening multiple windows. However, this only works if the air conditioner is cleaned regularly! A lot of dust can gather in the airconditioner and it will blow all the dust back in the air if you don’t do something about it. So, make sure you clean it out regularly to make the most use out of your air conditioner.

I hope these tips will help you to keep the air in your home clean. This way, you can be a lot healthier if you’re inside! How do you keep your house clean? Also, please follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, or subscribe on the right and get an email every time I upload!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I also like to open my windows every morning so that the air circulates in and out. I also love using diffusers and candles. I prefer subtle fruity smell or bamboo scents <3

    • I love those as well, especially bamboo! Such a fresh and natural vibe ๐Ÿ˜

  2. I love fresh air and our windows are open mist of the time. But if you are living in extremely warm countries like the Middle East, it is impossible to do so. I also keep several plants inside the house. But dusting is kinda challenging these days because there’s so much construction around our area…

  3. What a great blog post for right now! With everyone sitting inside I’m glad there’s multiple ways to clean the air in your house!

  4. Great post! I definitely agree with you, your home should be very clean to help your air quality. I suffer with allergies and sinus problems and the very first thing they asked was how regularly do I clean. I knew plants were good for the home but somehow forgot, Iโ€™ll have to look into getting one! Thank for this great information.

  5. This was such a good read and the gentle reminders to essentially take a breath a just what I needed.

  6. These are great tips, as I am home with my kids and husband keeping the house aired is super important, it makes me super grateful for the great spring weather we are having right now. As I am reading your post I am sitting in the back yard enjoying the fresh air – and it really does make a huge difference. I am now going to check all my candles and see if they are beeswax or not – I didn’t know about this before.

    • Haha yeah nothing beats actual fresh air when being outside! I always notice I feel so much more relaxed when the air is clean. And nice that I could help you with something new! ๐Ÿ˜€

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