Home sweet home… Farmhouse edition

Home sweet home… Farmhouse edition

The farmhouse style is a pretty famous one and it’s found in many, many houses. Many of you might know it for the signs saying ‘Home sweet home’, ‘Welcome’ or of course ‘Live, laugh, love’. However, that’s not everything this style has to offer. It’s characterised by some very cute things, like round shapes, flowers and soft colours, mixed with rougher materials, like old wood and steel. It often creates a very homely feeling and it’s a very calming vibe. The style should literally give you the feeling that you’re in a farm. Nowadays, we also have the modern farmhouse style. This is a little bit more practical and is achievable in any kind of house.

Classic farmhouse

But what makes a good farmhouse look? There are definitely some staple items to be found, starting with old wood. Since you actually want to almost created this ‘barn like’ look, it’s nice to include some furniture that is made from light, old wood. This makes the home feel natural and earthy, but also light and fresh. general, the modern farmhouse look is a style that celebrates the past. Old, recycled materials and design features that remind us of historic houses make it seem like you did a step back into simpler, easier times.

Something else you’ll often see are the famous texts around the house, like ‘Welcome’, ‘Live, laugh, love’, ‘Family’ or little signs that tell you what kind of room you’re entering. Although they’re ridiculed by some, they do make the home feel very welcoming and cosy. It’s the type of home where you can imagine a big family in.

Adding interest to farmhouse

The color scheme adds to that simplicity, since it uses mostly neutral colours like beige, brown, white and warm greys. However, to add some interest, some black is often put into the details. For instance, you can paint the window sills black or add a metal black open shelving unit. This makes the look a little less soft and gives it a bit more spice. Dark blues, forest greens or even softer sage greens and light pink shades can give the colour scheme even more personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little. Just make sure the colours are still looking relatively natural.

The thing I love about the farmhouse style is that a tiny bit of mess doesn’t matter. Actually, it’s celebrated if you display it wisely. For instance, instead of stocking all of the ingredients in your kitchen away, put them in glass jars and display it,. You could also hang a string of garlic in the corner. This all creates a space that looks lived in, which creates an atmosphere that says it’s okay to spill or not put things back precisely. It helps you to relax. This makes the style extremely suitable for families with small children, small houses or for people that are sometimes just a little bit chaotic like me. Just throw everything in cute baskets and you’re well on your way to a good farmhouse solution.

How I implemented farmhouse lessons into my home

In my own house, the farmhouse style especially comes back in the kitchen. I have all my pasta’s and loose leaf tea’s in jars on an open shelve. On top, my wooden cutting boards are on the counter on display. The kitchen is a cream white color so that actually fits in with the style as well. For interest, I chose dark green and sage green details, since the rest of my house also has a lot of green throughout. I also have some dried flowers in glass and ceramic vases throughout my whole house. This could also be interpreted as a nod to farmhouse.

I hope you liked this post! Have you used the modern farmhouse style in your house? Let me know in the comments below how you did it! If you want more content like this, please subscribe and get my free e-book to help you save money to buy some new furniture. You can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, so you’ll never have to miss a new post.

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Simona ~ The Grumpy Olive

I love a farmhouse look, with the rustic and natural tones! Very inspiring post for our next project Lisa, thank you!

2 years ago

Thank you so much, I hope you’ll get a great style out of it!

2 years ago

I love the rustic look of a farmhouse look. I wouldn’t use the live laugh love and those sayings in my home, they just aren’t for me. Thank you for sharing this post!

Lauren – bournemouthgirl

2 years ago

i wouldn’t consider live laugh love signs farmhouse. i’d go with basic. LOL I feel like people are mixing farmhouse with modern styles now a days.

Unwanted Life
2 years ago

‘Live, laugh, love’ is part of the farmhouse style? I can’t imagine a real farmhouse having a sign like that. I’d never thought about the farmhouse look before, but I would have thought it’d use a lot of real woods mixed in with a rustic look

Jenny in Neverland
2 years ago

I like the rustic and natural vibes of a farmhouse style home! x