Home sweet home… Bohemian edition

Home sweet home… Bohemian edition

Cozy, warm and fun. That’s what the bohemian style, or Boho chique, is all about. It’s a somewhat older interior design style that originated in 19th century Paris. It was the style of artists, performers and other creatives. With their use of bright colours, interesting textures and a lack of rules, boho is one of the most creative design styles you could choose. I personally love boho living rooms and bedrooms, because it gives a room a strong personal and homely vibe.

How is Bohemian different from other interior design styles?

Whereas the Midcentury Modern style is font of modern materials, like plastic, bohemian style is often more earthy. You often see wool, twigs, leaves and jute used in decorations. Since the boho style is so focused on combining different textures and colours, the diversity of nature is a big inspiration. Another thing you can play with is the colour scheme. Normally, designers recommend colour schemes that are in the same family, like red, orange and yellow. In boho, it can also work really well to use opposites, so a red wooden table on an azur blue rug.

The risks of going boho chique

Bohemian style homes can often feel a bit cluttered because of the multitude of things, so it’s important to learn which patterns go together well and maybe to let some colours come back a bit more often than others. Even though boho has no ‘rules’, it’s good to balance it out. For instance, if you decide to layer multiple carpets (which is very boho), keep the table and chairs a bit more neutral. If you have a colourful wall decorations (either a rug, a hanger with feathers or a painting), keep the wall color neutral. This is actually where the term ‘boho chique’ comes from, it’s a cleaner version of the classic boho.

The boho benefits

Apart from the creativity and burst of personality that boho brings to a home, it’s often also a very sustainable and affordable style. Since the style loves to mix things up, you can make a lot of decorations from things in nature and you can find the most perfect furniture pieces in second hand stores. The concept of ‘reuse’ is made into an art form in the boho chique style, so feel free to get creative. Maybe that jar can be made into a cool lamp or that wooden board into your new coffee table. What if you could put some pillows into that old suitcase, so you can make a chair out of it? You can go crazy with all the new possibilities.

My bohemian home

In my own home, I definitely have the bohemian style represented. Especially in my bedroom, I have used materials like light and dark woods, bamboo, candles, flowers and there’s a beautiful Persian rug on the floor. To keep this area of my house calm and clean looking, I used light blue/greenish tones instead of the more common warm colours, which makes it feel less cluttered but still cozy.

Since I love to travel, I also have a lot of trinkets from my journeys. These are stalled out in a Kallax closet from the Ikea. This mix of cultures is also very boho and it again makes the room feel more personal and artsy. By not hanging pictures, but instead using reminders like this, I make the room tell a story that’s only readable for me. This creates fun conversation pieces in my home.

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Fake Mail
Fake Mail
1 month ago

Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for providing these details.


[…] Bohemian chique. A super cozy and playful design style where colours and textures are front and centre. […]

Mummy Conquering Anxiety
Mummy Conquering Anxiety
2 years ago

I love this post & the style. It brings me a sense of calm for some reason, maybe the neutral colours. We have a wall like this at home, but would love to incorporate more of the style.

Amber Page
Amber Page
2 years ago

Loved this! I most definitely like this style in a home!!

2 years ago

Lovely post! I totally love bohemian style home. I just thinks it looks very refreshing and cozy but I do agree that it sometimes feel a bit cluttered. Thanks for sharing some tips!

2 years ago

I love the look but I don’t know how it would work out in this house. As much as I would love a really bohemian bedroom with throws and a canopy bed, our master bedroom is the pokiest room I’ve ever been in.

Molly Transatlantic Notes

The boho style looks really nice; I like the different textures/colours that are part of this. Cool ideas!

Jenny in Neverland
2 years ago

I love the style of bohemian but I don’t think I could have it myself as I don’t like clutter and I’d probably feel a bit too cluttered!

Fransic verso
2 years ago

This is interesting, first time to know about the bohemian style. It’s good to be back home. Hope you have a good time being at home!

2 years ago

I really love the idea behind boho style, mostly because as you said it gives you space to put things beside each other that you wouldn’t think of and perfect for travel gems! x