How to boost your body confidence

How to boost your body confidence

Our bodies are constantly changing due to our diet, age and more. We have to adjust our body image all of the time to keep up. On top of that, there are all those picture perfect photo’s on social media of picture perfect bodies. It’s no wonder all of us feel ashamed of our bodies sometimes, even if some are ashamed more than most. However, there are some things you can do to boost your body confidence.

The miracle of the body

Whenever I feel down about my body, I dive into things that interest me about the body; how brains work, how the gut influences your entire body or how it derives energy from several sources to function optimally. Although I might not feel happy with for instance my belly at that point, I still respect how it works. This gets us to the second point.

Take care of your body

Somehow, taking good care of your body makes you feel better about it. It not only helps to actually improve how it looks in many ways, since skincare, exercise and good food can help all facets of your look. It also helps you love it more. Putting effort into self love and learning about how your body works will help you much more in looking at your body like the amazing machine it is. This is a way better focus than focussing on how others see it. Also, working on your body (exercise and diet) will make you proud of yourself. Hopefully, a general sense of pride will help your body confidence a boost as well. The more you take care of it, the better it’ll become, the more you see it improve and the more you’ll have to love. It’s an upward spiral.

Focus on the parts you love

Everyone has parts of his or her body that you hate, but everyone also has parts that you like or even love. That’s what body positivity is all about! To start with focussing on the parts you already love, makes it easier to be nicer to yourself and it’ll make the ‘bad’ parts seem better as well. Looking for the things you don’t like will only get you down, so there’s no use in doing that. The only way that’ll help is if there are things that you can improve if it’s an option within reason. For instance, if you don’t like your belly fat like me, there are two things you can do: you can exercise more and diet or you can accept it.

Having said this, there are some things to consider in this regard. Although I don’t like the sight of my belly, I am still within the limits of a healthy weight. Although I could exercise more and eat better, it could also be way, way worse. I think that if things are really impacting your health, you might want to be a little bit stricter. For instance, my main reason to start dieting was because prior diet was seriously impacting my mental health. Sugar and alcohol can severely impact physical and mental health both. Therefore, they might pose reasons to focus more on parts you like less to monitor them. However, you can still try to focus on parts you do like as well, since it’ll help you keep your motivation up for the rest of it!

Dress to impress yourself

What helped me most was to dress well. Although my belly isn’t the smallest, my waist is pretty slim. Therefore, clothes that accentuate my waist are great for me. I also have blue and green in my eyes, so those colours light them up. Looking in the mirror is therefore much more pleasant when I’m wearing a blue skater skirt than an orange, form-fitting dress. Although I’m not saying I shouldn’t wear dresses like that, it doesn’t do much good for my body confidence. Thus, I don’t see why I would. Learning how to dress well for your body type is therefore a great help when you’re trying to focus on the things you like about your body. The right clothes guide your eyes immediately to the right places. This is especially important when there are events you’re nervous for and here are more tips!

Take in the compliments

Getting a compliment, especially one you don’t agree with, is hard! There are a few stages to this I think. The thing a lot of people do is to downplay it or dismiss it; ‘It’s just the lighting’ or ‘I’m just having a good day’ or ‘yeah, thanks to the make-up it’s allright’. Another option is to take it, but not letting it in. You say thank you, but talk around it afterwards immediately, because it feels awkward and uncomfortable to really let it in.

However, this is all such a shame! People don’t generally give that many compliments to others. Therefore, when you get one, don’t be scared to take it in like a great gift! Try to believe them, because more often than not, people truly mean the compliment. When you start doing this, it will not only boost your own confidence, but it’s also much nicer for the giver. That way, chances are they’ll compliment much more often! This is again a way to get an upward spiral going. As a cherry on the cake, if you feel better, you’ll also be much more inclined to compliment others and share the positivity.

I hope these tips will help you out when you need to boost your body confidence. I you have tips, please add them in the comments below! What are your thoughts on the body positivity movement and how is your body image right now? If you liked this post, please subscribe to my blog to get my free e-book on saving money! You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, so you’ll never have to miss a new post!

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71 Comments on “How to boost your body confidence

  1. Such a great post! It’s something I’m working on at the moment so you gave some great tips! Especially that around taking compliments. I’m terrible at accepting them always feel embarrassed and skirt around the issue but like you say they don’t happen that often so we should embrace them. I try to compliment people as much as I can as it is a lovely feeling to receive them! Also the point about alcohol and sugar being bad for your mental health. Currently I’m trying to look at food as food without labels so no ‘good’or ‘bad but this was an interesting point as generally if I feel rubbish I reach for the chocolate and wine but actually is that then making me feel worse? Something to think about! Thanks

    • I think it’s such a shame that we live in a society that taking compliments in a normal way is sometimes almost looked upon as arrogant, you should be proud of your accomplishments, however big or small they are!

      Food is definitely a difficult aspect in this regard, you should be able to reward yourself without feeling guilty about it, that’s not good for your mental health as well for sure! However, the chemicals in your brain react strongly to alcohol and sugar, so taking in too much can have a bad effect on your mental health as well. I guess it’s mostly about being balanced about it! One glass of wine or one piece of chocolate isn’t going to harm you of course haha.

  2. Absolutely brilliant post. I think the hardest is taking compliments when you don’t believe them. We need to believe in ourselves and our capabilities even more and celebrate who we are. Being kinder to yourself is the start. Thank you for writing such a thought provoking post. It’s going to have us pondering for the rest of the day – take in compliments. xxx

  3. There is such a joy in finding styles that suit you aren’t there! And knowing when to accept that even if something’s in fashion, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you. I also like to accentuate my waist! Great tips x

  4. These are excellent tips to help with Body confidence. Always great reminders that we all are different and that the Body is just amazing the way its built.

  5. Great way to look at it! Generally, I always remind myself that the fitness lifestyle just isn’t for me. Yes exercising is healthy, but I’m not passionate about it in any way, so why would I force myself to do be something I’m not. I’d rather go for a walk or do some very casual exercise.
    Beating yourself up constantly and telling yourself you’re not good enough will eventually result in a self-perception reflecting this thinking. It’s important to be contempt your lifestyle in order love other parts of your life, like your body 😊

    • That’s very much true! Forcing yourself to do something you hate won’t make you happy (surprise, surprise) and moving is not always ‘exercise’. A healthy lifestyle what makes you happy will impact all facets of your life!

  6. Body confidence is so difficult. I’m glad you approached this topic the way you did, breaking down different aspects like focusing on good parts (there are always going to be parts we like less, aren’t there?) and dressing for your body. There is no such thing as the perfect body and a person who has body confidence matters more than a super fit or super slim body in the end. I plan to work toward thinking better about mine. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much! I think everyone can indeed be insecure about their body, no matter how fit you are, so it’s not about getting fit necessarily, it’s about the mindset and your focus. I hope you’ll make good steps 😁

  7. I LOVE this, Lisa! Focusing on the parts you love (or at the very least like) about yourself is such a good tip. As is learning to accept compliments from others. Easier said than done sometimes, but baby steps are better than none on the path to body confidence 🙂

  8. Dressing to impress yourself is a really good tip. It’s not something that I ever do but maybe I should. I’ve always suffered with terribly low self esteem.

    • I think it’s a little uncomfortable and counterintuitive to do when you don’t feel too sure of yourself, but it might give you the start you need and you can build from there. It’s really difficult to get ahead from something like this though, so every small step towards improvement is actually a big one and you can be proud of yourself for that 😊

  9. Very relatable post! I like the part where you discuss focussing on all the amazing things your body does rather than just how it looks! This has helped me many times when I feel insecure!

  10. Such amazing tips! Not only are they effective, but they’re sort of amazingly low effort in that you’re not trying to force yourself to feel confident in your body, you’re simply doing things for it that’ll lead you to feeling the confidence!

    L ||

  11. Lovely post! I love the compliments and dress for yourself tips! My waist is smaller than my belly, so I usually buy dresses that showcase my waist more haha. Thanks for sharing these tips, I’ll use these this year!

  12. Lovely tips! I wrote a post on confronting my physical insecurities and agree with you about focusing on the positive.

  13. Taking in compliments is so hard! But yes, we should appreciate when others give us a compliment. I can’t say I’m exactly body confidence but these tips are really good xx

  14. I find dressing to your body type so important! When I wear frumpy clothes I (unsurprisingly) feel frumpy! Thanks for these tips!

    Katie |

    • I think we got more aware of this since we’ve been working in our pyjama’s during the pandemic more than we ever were before (I’m guilty as well), but even at home we should change it up sometimes!

  15. Fabulous! I enjoyed reading this one! For me, I always have body confidence lol – as long as I’m healthy, that’s the most important. I do take care of my body, skincare, or eat healthy food, but coffee is my friend xD I also dress to impress myself not others 🙂

  16. Yes, yes, yes to all of this! Body confidence is such a process and it’s all about acceptance and taking things at your own pace until you feel confident about all of you. Completely agree about learning the things you love about your body and taking care of yourself really helps you xx

  17. I always try my best to dress to impress myself as it genuinely makes me feel so good! These are some fabulous tips x

  18. Really good ideas here! We need to all remember to think about what we like rather than focusing on the negatives!

  19. For me, taking care of your body is the most important tip on this list. You don’t have to turn heads when you walk down the street, but we can at least ensure that we look healthy. Skincare, for instance, is one aspect that I place a lot of my focus on! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  20. Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! In the past, I was very body concious but now, I have been feeling a lot more confident in my skin and that comes from taking care of my body and nutrients. I 100% agree with you on dressing well. I feel the most confident when my hair and makeup are done and I’m in a nice flowy dress. xo

    • Sounds like you’re well on your way in taking steps to make it better indeed! And how nice that you’ve found ways that help you so much in this journey, I’m really happy for you 😊

  21. I feel that working out has helped. Not because it is easier to love a fit body or something like that, but because it makes me see what my healthy body can do, and also makes me conscious of giving it good food and move it enough. Great post!


    • Yeah this is exactly what I meant! Exercise and healthy food make you appreciate the work your body does more, so you’ll respect it more. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with how it looks!

  22. I truly believe we should dress to impress ourselves FIRST! Loving youself is an art and I believe everyone should learn it. Great Post!

  23. This is wonderful advice! I love the idea of focusing on what you love about your body. It’s so easy to get caught up in what you don’t like, that you never actually look at the things that you do like. Many of us may be surprised at how much we actually like about ourselves if we take the time to think about it.

  24. These are great tips Lisa! Boosting your body confidence can be one of the hardest things to ever do. I love the one on focusing on the parts you love the most. I feel like focusing on the parts you love the most has a way of making you fall in love with the whole of your body (both the good and the bad). So many people struggle with body confidence. I have never had a problem with my body and I have always been comfortable with my body but I know it can be really challenging to not feel very comfortable in your own skin and with your body. Thank you for sharing x!

    • Thank you so much! I think that appreciating part indeed helps you see the whole better as well and to get a kickstart into positive thinking. Glad to hear you’re doing great in this department though, you should be really proud of that 😁

  25. This post has some great suggestions and tips to help boost your confidence. I am wanting to focus on myself this year. Thank you for sharing.

  26. These are good tips to boost your body confidence. Another way is to focus on your inner qualities. Your inner qualities is the key to make you confident inside and outside.

  27. This was such a great read! I struggled with my body confidence for as long as I can remember, but these are all great tips! I noticed that lately since doing skincare, exercising for myself and not with a goal of losing weight and taking care of myself have been helping a lot and boosting my mood. Thanks for sharing x

  28. These are some really helpful tips. Body confidence is such a journey and can often take a while to achieve. I definitely need to work on learning to accept compliments more.

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