Work-outs in your living room

Work-outs in your living room

When you’re not supposed to go outside, you don’t travel to work every day and the gyms are closed, you need to find other ways to get and stay fit. Therefore, I wrote down some of my favourite work-outs that you can do in your living room. I try to do a full work-out of an hour twice a week now and I try to do a quick 15 minute work-out each day I’m stuck at home. On days when I have buy my groceries, I walk to the supermarket, which is about 15 minutes, which adds up to half an hour. As you can see, I only have a yoga matt, a BOSU ball and of course my own weight, so you don’t need many tools.

I start and end almost every work-out with 5 minutes on my BOSU ball. I usually put the round side down and stand on the flat top. Then I switch between doing squats. I often continue with some arm-circles back and forth and to try and stand on one leg (and do that for both of course). This gets me warmed-up a little and it helps me practice my balance, which is good for windsurfing (which I do in the summer). It’s also a good exercise, since you use almost all your muscles, especially when you do the arms exercise as well. It’s also my favourite exercise, since you still have enough attention to listen to music or a podcast, or to watch some TV.

The second step for me in my full work-out is to do sit-ups, usually around 50. I keep my feet under a low standing closet, but you could also use a heavy backpack to keep them down. Sometimes I also do 5 push-ups, but since I am not that strong in my arms yet, I can’t do more. I also do frog jumps quite often to get my heart rate up. In addition, I also bought a slack line. You do need to be outside for this, but it is a perfect workout to do alone.

Balance board and yoga matt to do some work-outs in your living room

YouTube video favourites:

The rest of my exercises are done through some awesome YouTube video’s:

So, what are your favourite work-outs to do in your living room?

Lots of love,


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4 years ago

My air conditioned house is my favorite place to workout too. I will have to check out the videos you suggested. Sometimes you just feel like you are stuck in a rut. Thanks!