8 healthy habits to start fresh NOW!

8 healthy habits to start fresh NOW!

I think we call all agree, 2020 is WEIRD! However, life almost seems to go back to normal, sort of. Shops are getting more traffic, people are returning to their offices and children are going back to school. That’s why this is the perfect time to take the lessons from the past and rebuild a better life for yourself. However, that is going to take some work and it can be hard to figure out what the first steps are going to be. That’s why I present you with my list of 8 healthy habits to start fresh again!

Meal prepping

It will be hard starting up again and eating healthy is not going to be on your mind. This isn’t an accusation, this is only natural. It’s probably going to happen to me to! However, eating healthy will keep you more productive, focused and most importantly, happy. Therefore, you need to meal prep in advance. Cut up your vegetables, think of recipes you can prepare quickly and buy everything you need beforehand. It will save you so much time that even ordering in will seem like a waste of time. Think of pasta, paella or anything else you can throw in a pan for a few minutes after getting it out of the freezer.

A dedicated work bag

I always used to pack my work bag last minute and I would always have stress about it. In addition, the stress wouldn’t even help me, because I’d always forget stuff. I’m proud to say I’ve learned from that chaos and thus, I now pack my bag. Does it feel like I’m a school girl again? Yes, absolutely. But the difference is that now I understand why my parents made me do it. My mornings are so much more relaxed now. I don’t have to worry about where I left my keys, or to re-check whether all my documents are in there. They will be, because my brains will be at its best in the evening and I won’t forget anything then.


Your body exists for a large part out of water, so it makes sense that you won’t be able to function properly if you’re not drinking enough. However, if your body is used to not drinking much, you won’t feel thirsty often. This is because you might not be used to listening to your body telling you what it needs anymore, which happens to many people. Therefore it’s important to start with drinking now, so your body can adjust and it will be easier to keep up this habit! Here are some more specific tips about drinking more water!

What’s your schedule going to be?

Especially when you’ve worked from home for a while, it is hard to suddenly go back to doing all your normal chores after work hours. Think of cleaning, washing and exercising! By knowing when you have time to do what, you can prepare yourself better. For instance, I need to clean in the weekends, because every Monday and Thursday evening I’m with groups of friends and I usually exercise on Tuesdays. This leaves me little room to do other things, since I also want to keep some evenings free from plans. Because I know this in advance, I won’t mind the mess as much on Thursday. This causes me to have less stress about it than I would have otherwise.

Get moving

The pandemic calories came for me hard. However, life is opening up a little more again, and so are the ways in which you can exercise! Although there are exercises you can still do from home, you could also go cycling again or playing soccer or go swimming. Going back to work also means traveling more, so you’ll be sitting slightly less throughout the day hopefully, but it’s important to also get your physical fitness up again by really exercising. What sports do you fancy? And are you willing to maybe try something new in the future?

Take time for yourself

Although it was super important in quarantine to monitor your mental health and do some extra self care, it was in some way easier, because you had more time when you were working from home. I can imagine this might be different if you’ve got a full household to take care of, but even then there must’ve been times that you’ve locked yourself into a room for some me-time However, when you’re going back to work, you must not forget that self care should still be an important part of your week. By scheduling this in, you’ll make sure you won’t burnout when starting up again. This is especially important if you’re slowly starting up again, since it’ll cost quite a lot of energy to figure out what the right balance will be.

Go to bed early

There was no way I was waking up at 6 AM when I was working from home. I simply didn’t need to! However, going back to the office also means waking up early to travel. One helpful thing for me is that I am already starting to also go to bed earlier. Otherwise, it’s going to be a tough transition back to that routine and I’ll miss out on some sleep for the first couple of weeks. So, start now to make sure you’ll be well-rested on your first days back!

Redesign your office space

For lots of us, this was the first time we actually could design an office space at home that suited our needs. Did you sit at the dinner table to be able to have some social interaction as well, or did you set up a home office in a separate room, so it was nice and quiet? Do you like to sit on a chair or did you like standing on the kitchen counter better? Take these lessons with you and see if you can implement them at the office as well! Of course, your boss will not appreciate it if you’re moving around furniture, but you can buy a portable standing desk. I personally loved the natural vibes of my house, so I’ll be sure to bring a plant with me and maybe an oil diffuser as well. You may not see this as ‘healthy habits’. However, I think regularly checking whether your surroundings still fit your needs is.

I hope these tips were helpful to start you off on the right foot when you’re getting back to work. What are healthy habits you want to pick up again when you’re getting back to work? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked post, please follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, or subscribe and get an email every time I upload!

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46 Comments on “8 healthy habits to start fresh NOW!

  1. Great tips!! It is a good reminder to drink more water and try and go to bed earlier. I am not a morning person at all so that last one is super hard for me to do.

    • Thank you so much, thank you for reading and stay safe as well!

  2. Wow, thank for this post! I really need to redesign my workspace at home lol been wanting to do it but keep getting delayed xxx

  3. I love these tips and think they’re great healthy habits for a better lifestyle! I love meal prepping, I couldn’t function without it. Thank you for sharing these tips. I think I’m going to redesign my office space now I am going to be working from home more!

    Em | http://www.loveemblog.com

  4. It’s the routine that’s so important when stuff gets back to normal. I start work again on the 24th,so it’s, like you suggested, planning meals, sleeping properly etc

  5. I definitely need to remember how to meal prep when I go back to the office! I must admit it’s been nice when working from home to not have to worry about anything like making lunches and getting an outfit out for the next day, just have allll evening to do what you want! Becca x

    • Haha yeah same for me, it’s a pretty big change! I wonder when we’ll be used to it all again.

    • Maybe that just isn’t for you, but having a list of easy recipes can help as well!

  6. Love this! All healthy habits to get into. I definitely need to get moving more.

    • Yeah it can feel like a lot sometimes but practice makes perfect! And I think it’s more about finding the ones that work for you.

  7. These are such good tips! During the middle of lockdown season, I’d really mastered my sleep schedule and morning routine, but for the last few weeks, it has all gone out of the window. Really late nights, and hence really late mornings! I need to fix this asap!

    • Thank you! I think we all have this problem a little, your natural rhythm just changed so there’s a lot of adapting necessary! Good luck with it!

  8. I haven’t gone bed early in a long time. If I try to go sleep before I’m tied, I end up not sleeping at all. Although I wish that was different. I can certainly see how these 8 habits could be beneficial to your health

    • I often have the same problems, but a routine has helped me a lot with this. And exercise after dinner did as well for me, since it made me tired enough haha

  9. Thank you so much, so glad to hear you liked it! And yeah I think hydration really helps a lot with staying focused and healthy, which helps out your brain.

  10. Love, love, love your tips – hydration alone makes a massive difference! Also a big fan of meal prepping, exercising, and going to bed early. Such an important post, thank you for sharing!

  11. These are all great tips. Meal prepping is what I struggle at a lot. I try to do it and then again go back to not doing it for a while. But frequently decluttering my office space is something that I do a lot (call me OCD!!) But these are all super useful tips.

    • Thank you so much! I get what you said about meal prepping, it can feel like lots of work, which makes you likely to put it off. At least, that’s my struggle.

  12. These are great tips!! Especially regarding exercise, I jusy recently got into running which I’ve always been terrible at but I decided to take this time to train for a marathon! I’m super excited! Lovely post 🥰

    • That’s so exciting, good for you! I’m sure you’ll do great 👌🏻

  13. Great post Lisa! I already started with meal prepping and froze a large batch of pasta sauce. The tip about getting your bag ready the night before is a good tip. Mine is always ready to go. In 2020 I just added a ziplock bag of face masks and a mini tube of hand sanitizer.

    • I also always have hand sanitizer and hand cream! I must have 10+ mini tubes at home for all my bags haha

  14. Meal prep and work bag are so me! I couldn’t function without meal prep when I was off to office. Great tips for all. Thanks for the post.

  15. Same for me! A little handbag for on the go and a big one that fits my laptop if needed. It saves me so much time and effort!

  16. These are some great tips – I especially love having a dedicated work bag. Personally; I have a bag for university with all my bits in and then a separate bag for everyday, and the only thing I need to switch around is my purse! I love the idea of meal prepping; even if it is just chopping up veg for the week ahead it saves so much time and effort for when it gets busy!

    Paige // Paige Eades

  17. Great ideas here. Often the things that we forget. I’m a big fan of planning the night before for the day ahead! It helps me feel more organized. I’m also into meal prep and especially bulk cooking. Why cook twice if you can cook once and make multiple meals!

    • Thank you so much and yeah, sounds like we have the same mindset about it haha! Prepare and conquer 😏

  18. These are really great tips! I really like the idea of meal prepping but I’ve just never been able to stick with it – I might give it another go when I’m back working in the office and have less time for lunches! Thank you for sharing these ideas ☺️

    • Thank you so much! I struggled a lot with it to in the beginning, but now I’ve found a decent rhythm for it. Good luck!

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